The Paleo diet offers a wide-array of opportunities to address weight loss, as well as overall health. However, some alternative foods like Paleo protein bars can sometimes leave a little to be desired as far as taste and affordability.

Natural Path

These well-founded interpretations of well-known favorites don’t always win over new dieters looking to make an easy transition into the Paleo diets’ path to success. Without preservatives, added sweeteners, or anything else that isn’t whole-food based, one tends to find a limited amount of options, and of those—many aren’t worth the attention. If you you’re looking to lose weight fast, are prepared to give up some of your favorite foods, then all you need to do to get started is learn what is Paleo, and what isn’t!

Paleo Protein Bars

A quick search on Amazon reveals quite a few results for products that fit the bill. Ranging from a few dollars in price to bulk discounts for packages of hundreds, you can certainly find the answer you may be seeking. One of the best approaches for losing weight on the Paleo diet is to utilize a well-coordinated meal plan system.

To make this easier to implement into your daily routine, it can be very useful to have some high quality paleo diet snacks that you can go to during periods of angst! Cookies are off the diet, no crackers, most “health” drinks that contain added sugars are out as well.

Important to remember is that while some foods might not contain added sugar, they could contain a lot of natural sugars from fruits like apples, bananas, or dates. Many protein bars, including Paleo protein bars, utilize dates or figs as a base for their product.

Not only do these two items provide a nice thick base for all the ingredients to coagulate among one another in, but the also provide a tremendous amount of sweet to the mix. Some paleo diet protein bars contain up to 40% sugar! That means that ever bite you take is nearly HALF sugar! High sugar content not only contributes to major diseases and inflammatory issues within the body, but it can also make losing weight much more difficult.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss

Once you understand that the Paleo Diet is as much about balance as it is about specific foods, you can start to develop a well-balanced meal plan for yourself that will help you reach your weight goals. Obviously, cutting back on the carbs will make a tremendous amount of difference, and this is one reason people have had such success losing weight on the Paleo Diet.

When your body isn’t being bombarded by a constant flow of carbohydrates, it can start burning up excess fat stores. For those looking for extreme weight loss, you may even want to adapt your Paleo Diet meal plan into a full-blown Ketogenic diet, which will restrict your daily carb intake to somewhere between 20-80 grams per day. When you get that low in the carb world, you have to start thinking about how many carbs BROCCOLI has in it, not just avoiding bread!

Final Reminders

Regardless of your approach, you will be well-served by having a rigid plan in which you lay out your goals. If nothing else it will help you understand exactly how the Paleo Diet is moving your health, and how to make adjustments as you go along. The Paleo Diet is as much a learning experience as it is a weight loss program. Learning how restore your body’s natural balance can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life, and the Paleo Diet can help you make that happen!