The Paleo Diet has recently become one of the most-popular diets on Earth, having celebrities and corporate sponsors dancing to cater to demand. The diet—centered around naturally processed whole foods—traces it’s underlying concepts back to the Paleolithic age of man.

The Paleo Diet excludes such foods as grains, GMOs, synthetic additives, as well as alcohols and other modern favorites. No more breads, no more milk, no more cheese, and no more beer; the diet is extreme, but it is also getting some extreme results.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss

While the recent surge in popularity of the Paleo Diet may remain a mystery, it’s modern origins can be traced back to the late 70s to a Dr. Walter Voegtlin, and more recently to Dr. Loren Cordains 2002 book The Paleo Diet. While these events popularized the “caveman” diet in the minds of many, the concepts of the diet have been inherent to mankind since our birth.

The eating habits of our Paleolithic ancestors help to form the underlying concepts of this diet, guided by the premise that we have been able to modernize food production much quicker than our bodies have been able to modernize its own food digestion.

Many studies shown irrefutable evidence that the Paleo Diet has the potential to help you lose weight fast, help reduce chances of major illness, and even reverse some major diseases such as diabetes! People all across the globe are witnessing the power of Paleo, and judging by consumer product trends; the Paleo Diet is here to stay for awhile!

Paleo Diet Products

The consumer food & health market is driven by guides, weight loss plans, diet plans, meal plans, and novelty food items. The Paleo Diet is a bit of an exception since its core values revolve around the lack of preservatives and food additives common found in widely -distributed food items. Paleo protein bars, for example, are one of the surging segments of the Paleo market that seems to have hammered out a pretty robust footing. In addition Paleo Diet cookbooks as well as layed out meal plans seem to be popular.

Paleo Diet Foods

A better understanding of what it truly means to eat Paleo can be found by the examination of a Paleo Diet food list, which is pretty much comprised of your local grocer’s organic produce section. Healthy , organic foods eaten in realistic proportions (a caveman wouldn’t have had access to an entire jar of almond butter for example.) Organic foods help to ensure that pesticides aren’t being used, and that GMO seeds are not involved either.

All in all, fad diets come and go, but the ones that seem to last are those diets that not only garner media attention and popular obsession but also produce results. If you’re looking to lose weight fast, help address your own health issues, or simply prevent future ones, the Paleo Diet has been proven to work well.

The dawn of a new awareness is emerging and people are not longer satisfied with mediocre offerings from commercially-distributed food companies. People are taking the fate of their diet into their own hands—eating local, eating organic, and eating healthy.