Exhalezine is all about being dedicated to relaxation and mindful living. These interests most often manifest themselves in our writing through topics such as meditation, yoga, mindful living, healthy diets, environmental conversation, and general acts of good will.

Value Driven Mission

We recognize the right of every person to their own journey, and seek not to influence—merely cultivate awareness. If someone should choose to follow a more mindful path in life having visited our site we would celebrate, though our goal is not to change others.

Our goal is to help reveal paths to others in the hope they should find benefit from them. Much like yoga, our approach is often different from day to day. We understand images tell better stories sometimes than entire blocks of text. Sometimes a quote is all one needs to catalyze awareness.

Regardless of our approach, we believe that sometimes taking a deep Exhale—and releasing the pressure of your life—can be the key to your recognition of valuable growth opportunities.

Connecting & Learning

We believe that education is a life-long practice and seek to help spread new and exciting information as often as possible. Taking the lessons you learn on a daily basis and applying them can help you to better learn from your mistakes and successes alike.

Knowing when to apply new knowledge can help to empower you to better understand how personal growth should be the truest of all pursuits. Whether you’re learning about the different types of yoga or different types of meditation—you’ll come to understand that difference is what makes the world turn.